Analytics & Big Data Consulting

Jasdata Solutions, LLC is a full-service information technology solutions provider. We partner with our clients to implement analytical software platforms backed by cutting-edge digital security features and offer consultation so our clients get the most value from our data-driven solutions. What your business doesn’t know can hurt you, but Jasdata keeps your finger on the pulse of your business so it thrives, grows, and produces.

Every business creates huge amounts of raw data. But how do you navigate so much information? You already know that taking leadership in a global marketplace requires accurately identifying your strengths and weaknesses so you can stay on top of your customer’s needs. Yet how do you organize, analyze, and learn from the information you collect?

We specialize in creating tools for easy analysis of Big Data so you can summit those mountains of information. With the eagle’s eye view you gain from our solutions and products, you can translate raw data into relevant, actionable intelligence and make insightful decisions about your business’s processes, performance, and profitability.

Correctly framed questions is the most important asset for analyzing Big Data. Incorrectly framed questions lead to flawed analysis — which can be disastrous! Is your data correct? Are you asking the right questions to define analytical parameters for your data? Getting these two questions right is one of the biggest operational challenges facing any business. 

Our specialized teams are expert guides through information-saturated environments. We begin with platforms designed to capture and analyze information, ensure the strongest security, and train you how to ask the right questions.

Our teams focus on providing guidance in the following areas:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Meta Data Management
  • Data as a Service

Business Applications in the Cloud

We provide cloud solutions designed specifically to provide business applications to our clients. Our niche, is that we have a tailored Agile methodology for Cloud deployment that is optimized and is best fit for moving on premise applications to the cloud. The advantage of this proprietary methodology, it provides speed of delivery and allows for a transparent process that is efficient and guarantees success. Jasdata Solutions LLC’s cloud services are specialized in these areas:

  • Analytics
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Business Process Management
  • Document Management

Enterprise & Mobile
Security Management

Our service is predicated on providing the best solutions in the market regarding Security of Systems, whether it is enterprise or mobile. These high caliber systems security services provide enterprise wide Security Management applications, for securing data is as important as obtaining and analyzing the data. We also provide platform independent secured mobile solutions. Our specializations are:

  • Enterprise Security Management
  • Secure Mobile Messaging
  • Remote Control of Payment Cards via Smart Phones
  • Enhanced Security for Relational Database Management Systems