Our consultants are world class in Big Data, Analytics and Business Systems. The consultants are application architects as well as are well-known in the industry as some of the best experts in their areas of expertise. We apply Agile methodology as a standard to guaranty successful outcomes by having seasoned Project Managers with many years of experience


The main advantage of working with Jasdata Solutions as an implementation partner, because we focus to make the entire process simple, and have the solution delivered in the shortest time possible. Many of our solutions are cloud based thus we bring simplicity to the entire process, which is repeatable and is transparent. The main idea is to make our clients get the best return on investment in the fastest way possible.


Because our clients are our partners, we have open channels of communication as we work closely with your team. When you have a question or need help - we're a phone call or an email away. We take great pride in providing exceptional client service.


We enter a partnership with each client and listen to their needs and challenges they face. We do not assume how a problem should be resolved. We provide options after learning about a client’s business. The goal is to have the client’s feedback and input to be a part of the solution, so that both are on the same page for a successful implementation and deployment.


We guaranty that our solutions are flexible based on the needs of our clients. No business stays the same for a long period of time. The thought of future business growth or changing economic conditions and the changing needs of a business are paramount in providing solutions. Change is a constant. Solutions need to be scalable to suit a business of any size, customizable to your needs, technology agnostic, and cross-platform compatible.


Jasdata Solutions strategy applies cost-effective measures to implement solutions, this provides a value to the service that beats other companies costly consulting fees. We strive to reduce the project timelines, which in turn realizes lower costs. By providing world class consultants, we manage more with a smaller team. Thus further reducing the cost of the project overall. Success is not negotiable, we have a stake in our clients applications deployment and success. Client's need value-driven, cost-effective, success-oriented solutions to track business.


Does your business understand its own data?