Our Story

JASDATA had its genesis when technologists got together and looked at the range of product offerings in Business Analytics and Big Data. We realized that many are not familiar with these technology stacks and feel over whelmed with offerings in the market place. We saw a need and value to provide a place to get the best information and solutions by having a unified technology stack that would seamlessly integrate Big Data, Business Analytics and Mobility.

Since technology is rapidly evolving, we also provide a road map to our clients in adapting new applications that are robust and would seamlessly integrate with our clients systems infrastructure. This is accomplished by optimizing the delivery mechanism with the least amount of transformations within the invested infrastructure. Optimization of the delivery model is our forte. We provide data driven solutions and are a full services firm, that provides all aspects of consulting in these areas; management advisory, implementation services, application development, training and project management. We have included training as part of our services offering for the reason, there is a dearth of experienced professionals in this new emerging technologies and to support our client’s needs to train their employees

Jasdata also provides software-as-a-service solutions for corporate finance and accounting departments. We have a passion for technology and we provide data driven solutions to complex business transformation challenges in an increasingly complex world. To learn more please contact us and we look forward to partnering with you.

Leadership Team

Dr. Keeratpal Singh, Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Keeratpal Singh, has a PhD in Electrical, Electronics and Systems Engineering. He is the Chief Data Scientist and VP of Asia Pacific at Jasdata. He has more than 20 years of experience in telecommunications and software development for mobile and analytic solutions. He has designed algorithms for simulating predictive and prescriptive analytics, incorporated statistical libraries such as for time forecasting of big data processing (processing HDFS stored data and visualizing the result of billion rows within seconds in MIMOS’s cloud) as part of software development for a home grown Business Intelligent Suite. He has worked as a research consultant for Philips Consumer Electronics (USA), managed regional radio and network operations for Celcom (Malaysia), and was previously Chief Technology Officer for international organizations that provided mobile applications, developed interactive television platform and content aggregation platform. He has contributed to international journals, presented research papers in engineering and the usage of technology for crime prevention. He has filed three patents pertaining to mobile enterprise platform, public safety and big data processing. He was awarded a gold medal for invention in the area of location-based services. His interests and focus is on research and development with emphasis on big data analytics, statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and algorithm development for simulation, spatial analysis using big data processing and implementing ICT projects as a subject matter expert.